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scb-rev3Review of Sweet Comfort Band’s Album ” The Waiting Is Over”
Warning…this review contains several “Thank Gods.”

After 29 years, the Sweet Comfort Band has returned with The Waiting Is Over.  Thank God!  Eleven new tracks that find SCB up-to-date, yet unapologetically rooted in their jazz-funk-R&B-rockin’ past.  Thank God!  The SCB that we knew, loved, and remember fondly from 1977 to 1984 has returned with the versatility, skill, and passion that put them head and shoulders above the rest 30 years ago, still shines through in 2013.  The production bar that was established in the stratosphere in the late 70′s is still firmly in place in 2013, competing with, and even surpassing the quality of music that clogs today’s airwaves.  Thank God!  (And let me say that there is some great music being written today, but the cookie-cutter Nashville production machines has caused much of today’s CCM to sound predictable, processed, and sterile.)

What began as a fundraising project for original bassist, Kevin Thomson’s medical condition, has evolved into a potential career-changing record for remaining original members Bryan Duncan, Randy Thomas, and Rick Thomson.  The record is that good!  Thank God!  You want funk?  Check out the James Brown/Stevie Wonder funkiness of Rock Steady, with Eli Thomson channeling his late father’s incredible bass chops.  You want rock n roll?  All Stand Together is a guitar-driven rocker that stands toe to toe with Foreigner’s best.  And what about the ballads?  Do You Love Me, Then I Remember, and In The Light of Heaven offer what SCB fans have come to expect in a great ballad, a tender message with a great melody, reminiscent of the classic, I Love You With My Life.  The lead radio track, All In God’s Hands, is a gospel-infected groove, highlighted by Duncan’s still youthful voice, and Thomas’ stellar guitar, accompanied with a choir and B3.  Thank God!

Many of the songs on The Waiting Is Over, such as Nothing Can Separate Us, Then I Remember, and In The Light of Heaven, were written after the passing of original bass player, Kevin Thomson in 2010, and take on a reflective, serious, yet celebratory tone.

There are several things that standout on this record; more than just the final recorded product.  And much of it has to do with how Bryan, Randy, and Rick arrived to where they are now in 2013.  The death of a brother and close friend has its way of bringing us back.  And now that each of these guys is hovering around the age of 60, they have found that they still have something to say collectively.  They want to talk about Heaven.  They want to talk about fighting the good fight.  They want to talk about living by authentic faith that’s been tested by the years of falling and getting back up.  And after all these years, still laying it all on the line for the cross of Jesus.  Thank God!

Musically, I find myself wanting to listen over and over again.  These guys can still flat out play.  And their passion for excellence shines.  Knowing some of the stories that influenced these songs makes The Waiting Is Over a treasure for this fan, and a must-have for everyone else.  Sweet Comfort Band is back…..Thank God!

Brian Fuller
Music Director
90.9 The Vine
Wayne City, IL

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