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Review of the new Sweet Comfort Band album The Waiting Is Over by James Mileti of The Sunrise.

The worst song on this long awaited new album “The Waiting Is Over” by The Sweet Comfort Band is better than almost every current hit Christian song out there right now, and it may very well confuse and alienate nearly everyone!

Here’s why…

This album demands the long lost skill of active listening, it is not background noise. It employs active musicians who are gung-ho about actually playing their instruments and getting the most out of them that they can, which is a lot. It promotes dancing, both verbally and physically. It is produced right… very right. It doesn’t chase trends, which guarantees longevity. It offers varied styles of music within the same listening experience. It mentions Jesus. It doesn’t confuse you as to whether the band is singing about God or their 6th grade baseball coach. It doesn’t say “You are worthy” or “Holy Holy Holy” dozens and dozens of times over and over again. There are guitar solos. There are piano solos. You want to play it on your BEST stereo system. People that buy this album will HAVE a best stereo system. It sounds current. It sounds retro. The songs actually go places musically. You won’t secretly hope it ends soon. You will be proud to play it for your secular friends. It sounds like The Eagles, Hall & Oates, Maroon Five and Pablo Cruise rolled into one, and you’ll be happy about that.

I like my music with passion, enthusiasm, technical dexterity and a strong Bible based message. The new Sweet Comfort Band album offers all this wrapped in a package of great song writing and soulful vocals. They are a mature band without losing the sound that set them apart to begin with in the 70′s. This new album offers an adult sound, a current sound, but still a recognizable SCB sound. You’ll want to hear it again as soon as it is done and you’ll find yourself saying “FINALLY” a lot.

Finally there is a current Christian album that will be FUN to play for your secular music friends. Finally there are rich harmonies. Finally I can differentiate instruments that are not lost in an over-produced haze of sound. Finally there are some slow grooves. Finally there is an acoustic guitar solo. Finally there are a lot of intelligent Christian thoughts and concepts. Finally there are guitar hooks. Finally there are songs that wrap themselves up at the end. Finally I am proud to be a Christian musician, if I can be associated with this kind of album in any way, even if it is just writing about it! This is an example of why this band influenced my band, The Sunrise, so strongly.

This is the album the Christian music world needed right now. Let’s hope it starts a trend, and shatters a few too!

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